THE PRACTICE:  We use a wire service to order the same arrangement from several different florists.

• The Order:  One Premium “How Sweet It Is” arrangement

• The Card:  Dear Art-Goer, (We request that the florist list where, in the world, the flowers are imported from). Signed, FLOWER ONE

• The Delivery:  The exhibition space, morning of the exhibition opening

THE PROCESS: We expect each arrangement to be a replica of the arrangement ordered.

The Exhibition:  FLOWER ONE arrangements placed in designated area. Arrangements are unwrapped. Any reference to the florist is removed from display. Cards are displayed in the arrangement

• Examples of FLOWER ONE arrangements:



THE PRODUCT: It is foolish for us to expect each arrangement to look like the next one, or anything like the picture of the arrangement we ordered.

• Following the exhibition opening, the arrangements are photographed in a studio setting

• The images are processed, printed on perforated vinyl, and mounted on mirror plexi-glass



THE CONCLUSION: While the state of a local economy plays part in the process, the arrangement received is unique but listed at “of the same value” as the prototype arrangement.  However, the dissonance between the design we think we are going to get and the one we actually receive is the result of a performance within a global control network.


FLOWER ONE, facilitated by Liz Rywelski 2011