We use a wire service to order the same arrangement from several different florists.

• The Order:  One Premium “How Sweet It Is” arrangement.

• The Gift Card:  It is requested that the florist list where in the world the flowers have been imported from.

• The Delivery:  The address of the exhibition space and delivery is set for morning on the date of the opening.





• The Exhibition:  purchased arrangements are placed in and around the exhibition space.

• The gift cards are displayed.


• The arrangements are unwrapped and any reference to the individual florist is removed from the display.

• Art-goers enjoy the several arrangements, read the gift cards, and consider that each arrangement is expected to be a replica of a single prototype.

• Examples of arrangements delivered:





• Following the opening the arrangements are photographed in a studio setting.

• The images are processed, printed on perforated vinyl, and mounted on mirror plexi.



While the state of a local economy plays part in the process, the arrangement received is unique but listed at “of the same value” as the prototype arrangement.

However, the dissonance between the design we think we are going to get and the one we actually receive is the result of a performance within a global control network.


FLOWER ONE, facilitated by Liz Rywelski 2011