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Before we could arrive to the reception desk, a team of business professional resort representatives stopped up to sign up for The Welcome Tour, this was my Rabbit Hole… The following morning of our vacation I show up to the Welcome Tour as the performing the perfect target buyer; Liz: a white 29year old free-lance software developer/artist and single lesbian, with a lot of expendable income and perfect credit, who takes several international vacations a year with friends, family, and lovers, all whom love to drink, go to museums, and visit spas. There is some dispute over my profile papers as a manager calls over a dark haired woman in all black, cleavage, large earrings, a skirt, a black shiny purse, her eyes rounded with charcoal like a Mayan Moon Goddess. She was handed the papers in dispute and then walked toward me –I tensed up. I knew she was a professional and although I had my intentions within this game I was worried that she might be better than me at it– that I might get scammed into actually signing for a timeshare. She smiled and firmly shook my hand.  I blushed toward her cleavage and then I knew my game face was on. Her name is Blanquita, a time share sales specialist. I am Liz,-re-skinned as described above.

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While on vacation in Mexico, I participated in a Time Share sales pitch and it ended with, “Congratulations you’re pre-approved!”. My friends warned me not to enter this half-day long time share sales pitch, because it’s actually a vicious predatory lending scheme and very few people get out without being tricked into signing the bill for one. But despite the warning, I saw this experience as an opportunity to learn how to play a new game… What happens between entering the time share presentation and the rest of the vacation becomes 8 fantastic images, a new game, and the story is book worthy… so I wrote one.

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