Liz Rywelski (1980) NY, USA   Identity– how buying makes me who I imagine myself to be. Shopping is my practice and buying is my process. Identity resembles the goods, services, and bi-products of consumption and are collectively titled metaconsumer.  A metaconsumer uses consumption as a means to comment on or question consumption. Metaconsumer’s self-consciously assemble the goods, services, performativities, and representations– language, image, and data– of consumption. Metaconsumer’s transform their assemblages into aestheticized and/or politicized objects, concepts, and/or activities that redirect and reorient the participants understanding of, and relationship to, consumption and the world(s) it creates.   The images, texts, and links collected here are re-presentations of the metaconsumer, performance and products from 2002-present. Metaconsumer identity composites are my product. Products can be seen/experienced by studio visit, exhibition, performance, and by purchase or commission.   Featured Works: PORTRAITS series (2002-2010); THE SEPTA LETTERS (2002-2004); THE GIVEAWAY (2003); MONEY ME (2008); TIME SHARE (2009); THE RE-GIFT (2010); SUITE 6 (2011); SOFT-SCI FICTION(2010); FLOWER ONE (2011); RETURN POLICY series (2011-2014) ; POP UP SHOPS (2011-2014); SOCIAL SERVICE MERCHANDISE (2011); HAND HELD SHOPPER (2012); UNTITLED (2013), CHECKOUT (2013); and RETURN POLICY exhibition (2013); MALL WALK (2013) Select Exhibitions: DISPLACEMENT: BARGE PROTOTYPE, […]