Liz Rywelski (1980) NY, USA     I produce performances that embody and point to inter-related ideas on Identity– how buying makes me who I imagine myself to be. Shopping is my practice and buying is my process. My products resemble the goods, services, and bi-products of consumption and they are collectively titled metaconsumer.   A metaconsumer is a person who uses consumption as a means to comment on or question consumption. Metaconsumer’s self-consciously assemble the goods, services, performativities, and representations– language, image, and data– of consumption. Metaconsumer’s transform their assemblages into aestheticized and/or politicized objects, concepts, and/or activities that redirect and reorient the participants understanding of, and relationship to, consumption and the world(s) it creates.   The images, texts, and links collected here are representations of metaconsumer. Products can be seen and/or experienced by scheduling a studio visit, attending an exhibition, participating in a performance, and by arranging a purchase or commission.     Featured Works: PORTRAITS series (2002-2010); THE SEPTA LETTERS (2002-2004); THE GIVEAWAY (2003); MONEY ME (2008); TIME SHARE (2009); THE RE-GIFT (2010); SUITE 6 (2011); SOFT-SCI FICTION(2010); FLOWER ONE (2011); RETURN POLICY series (2011-2014) ; POP UP SHOPS (2011-2014); SOCIAL SERVICE MERCHANDISE (2011); HAND HELD […]